Nov 23, 2014

Leaving a Legacy

God has really pushed the two of us this week, not only to our limits, but also extended our view of who we thought He was in many ways.

We  found out that we are proud parents of a little girl!  I can't believe that God trusts me to raise a little girl, but I trust He knows best and will make me into the most capable father.  God grant me the grace and energy for children, my living legacy.  Daughter, I love you more than words can describe.  I will do my best to follow after our Father's heart and set an example of what true love looks like.

Just when you think that you understand who God is, He laughs and blows your mind. This week we watched video lectures on living a Biblical worldview. We were taught how to seek after the Father's heart by using an Old Testament structure.  Everything from government to education was covered.  God really knows what He is doing doesn't He?

I am challenged to stop reading the Bible in a lazy way believing that it is all allegory with some history thrown in for good measure.  The videos changed our view of how we approach our ministry.  Too many times have we just expected God to send down miracles without us doing any work. God is big enough to perform this way, but if He is asking me  to join Him in work, who am I to say no.  I am tired of expecting God to rain down manna while I am now in the Promised Land.  He will bless us, but He is asking us to be odeient in action.  

We were so blessed to be apart of the YWAM Ireland meeting on Monday.  It was so encouraging to hear about just how much God has done in this beautiful country in the last 7 years.  It reminded Korina just how God works as well.  Just like Korina, YWAM experienced a death of sorts, a rebuilding on new foundation, and finally a birth. God is so awesome in fulfilling His promises!  Mama B also got to cook an awesome Chicken Tortilla soup that everyone loved!

This week is going to be a memorable week.  We celebrate the lives of two wonderful mothers in our lives.  One of which lives in heaven and the other who is going to be a grandmother for the first time. God brings it into perspective as He prepares a new mother here.  This Thanksgiving, we celebrate motherhood and everything that it entails.  Love, compassion, truth.  Our moms resemble all of these things.  They show us the tender heart of God and showcase His loving kindness.  I am one proud  husband, son and soon to be father, of all these mothers in my life.  All of you add to the legacy that I am creating for my children.  A legacy that will be overcome by God's goodness in my children's heart.  A lifestyle that resembles The Lord in any way I can.

As you prepare to give thanks to your family this week, please keep us in your prayers. We call you all family and want to know what you are up to this week so please let us know.  We need your help with financing our ministry as well.  If all of our readers would even consider donating $15, we would be blessed.  Please click here to help or e-mail us at

How are you leaving a legacy, not only for your children, but for the greater good of all of God's creation?  Live fully, to the highest calling God has for your life, and you will be amazed at the results.  We sure are.

Nov 16, 2014

We know that we know that we know

I'm going to be honest with you guys...this was a hard week. 

As our date for outreach approaches and our bank account dwindles, I have allowed my heart to become frustrated with God and his plans for our future. We knew beyond a doubt, through much prayer and confirmation through other believers and scripture and "that still small voice" that God called us here. We knew that we knew that we knew....ya know?! 

So why then did I feel left high and dry by my Jesus? 

I was such a brat. 

God spanked my faithless and doubting butt. I needed it. 

I think growing up I knew, and know, that God loves me, but I didn't equate His love with His provision for me. That was a harsh reality to wake up to. 

The world wants to know how we are going to make it, and understands even less the concept of living on full time support. Attempting to live entirely by faith many profess but few can really understnd until they have to lay down the very thing they find the most security in, their paycheck. I would profess understanding that kind of faith...until this week. I had no idea what it meant to be "all in" until now, until I am responsible for more than just my husband and myself. This baby brings a whole new set of eyes to walking by faith. 

I needed perspective. 

In Hebrews it talks about the many many saints of old and all of the things they endured for the promise of heaven and they did all of these things BY FAITH. Just after that it talks about the discipline The Lord brings for His children. What an honor to be called a child of God, an heir to His kingdom, to be disciplined instead of condemned. God is shaping and stretching my trust in His provision. It's so so hard. 

It can be so easy to think first of the nay-sayers, the ones who think of us as "irresponsible" all for a lack of understanding what true obedience is. The opinions of those who don't really know our heart for obedience can't be our loudest voice in our minds. Jesus beckoning us out onto the water has to be louder to us than anyone else. 

This is stretching us for a lifestyle of living by faith. Our expectation of how God provides expands every day. When I spoke of us expecting God to be bigger to us, I had no idea the brevity of the words I was speaking. 

Still God chose to forgive me for my small mindedness, He put His arm around me and whispered the words "I will" into my ear. 

"I will provide, BECAUSE I love you"
"I will give you a healthy baby, a home, a mission field, a future and a hope. I WILL." 

If the God of the universe tells you He will, He will. 

That needs to be enough for me. His promise is enough. 

So, when I was sick (literally) and tired and overwhelmed, God spoke. I find a new hope for today and His call on our lives. And yes, I still know that I know that I know that we are supposed to be here today.

The future is exciting, and yes, we may be literally insane by your standards but that's ok. You can just pray for us either way. 

For now, we have a healthy baby, a warm place to lie our heads down, food to eat. We have laughter, we have joy. We have so much more than most, it's enough and THEN some. 

Tomorrow we have all of YWAM Ireland here in Sligo for a day of fellowship and prayer for YWAM Sligo. Needless to say I am looking forward to seeing some old faces from my first DTS. We also have our scan tomorrow afternoon! Which means we get to see our baby for the first time since our 6 week scan at the very beginning. School is going well too. Learning new things every day. We have our tickets for Morocco now too! AH! It's really happening! 

As far as pregnancy goes, baby is a mover and a shaker. I am feeling great, never did get that second trimester energy, but not nearly as bad as it was. My ribs are expanding which I wasn't prepared for. It's a constant dull ache until it's sharp pain for a few seconds at a time at night. All normal for a person of "my short torsoed stature" I guess. If that's all I can claim though I would say all is worth it. 

Thank you for those of you who take the time to read these and pray for us. You are appreciated and needed. God bless you all until next time- Team B