Aug 22, 2014

All the details!

Because we know you want em ;)
If you haven't seen the video yet-

We are having a baby! Say whaaaaat?!
So first things first...YES we are still doing our DTS
NO we will not be having the baby overseas 
YES I will be getting great prenatal care while abroad (like we would even go if not, ha!)
YES we will find out the sex of the baby- but mostly for our family's sake
NO we don't have a preference on boy or girl (although there are some strong family opinions already haha)
I am officially done with my first trimester as week twelve comes to a close. I have been blessed to not have too much nausea, small snacks have been a lifesaver at keeping it at bay. But I am mostly looking forward to having energy again! Also, this kid wants ALL THE SALT, and lime, and vinegar, and never wants sugar or desserts (the one things that proves I'm pregnant as my sweet tooth is ravaging sans baby)
Justin is so much more attentive and loving than I ever would have expected. He is constantly serving and loving me when he isn't working his butt off at work. His love overwhelms me.

We are receiving this as the blessing that it is :)
You have been prayed for and longed for little one. We had a lot of heartbreak on our journey to you but God saw us fit to be your mommy and daddy and we will do our best to bring you into this world and love you with every breath.

We are confident in the journey God has placed before us, because we are confident in our maker. 

We will be leaving the island in 11 days for Oakhurst.... holy cow.
We leave for Ireland two weeks after that.
We leave for Morocco in December and head home at the end of January (just hours before my 34th week so I can still fly home)

Once we are home in Oakhurst, our prayer is to staff with YWAM Yosemite full time. 
For now...we take it one hour at a time, savoring every relationship, every moment with those we love. 

We had a small support dinner here and hopefully one more once we are in Oakhurst. We still need to raise about $3,500 for our outreach and committed monthly supporters for our time staffing full time once our DTS is over. We need LOTS of prayer coverage in this giant phase of transition. Prayer that we would be able to be effective in our ministries, loving in our serving, and have the discernment necessary in the many choices we have ahead of us. Also, that we would be great stewards of all that we have been given. 

We are so humbled to have been the recipients of such generosity while here on the island. From having the Dominguez family opening their home to us, to friends freely giving of their time and energy to get us to this point in our journey toward YWAM, we have. been. blessed.

Now we have a whole other set of prayers that come with finding out you're going to be a new parent.... you parents already know what they are I'm sure. If you think of us, pray for us? 

For now I am savoring the sweet moments of watching my belly grow, daydreaming about our little one, and looking forward to taking walks though the rolling hills of Ireland in the fall.