Mar 2, 2014

Tis March

Wow, God has been very good.  We apologize that we have not updated in a while, like too long of a while.  Things have been great here on beautiful Catalina Island. Since our last update we have made a lot of progress in life.  First off we both have great jobs!  Korina works at a little shop called Bella Portofino.  It is a little jewelry boutique that is attached to one of the local hotels.  Korina enjoys it, mainly because she can hide behind the counter.  She can’t tell you how many times people joke about that on a daily basis, but it is still funny.

I have also received a great job here on the island.  It’s a restaurant called M that is run by a catering company.  We operate as a pop-up restaurant about once a month and fill our schedule with other catering gigs.  We even cater for celebrities that come to the island!

Valentine’s Day was fun at the restaurant because it was crazy busy.  Korina and I weren’t able to celebrate on the actual day, but I think flowers and a pretty card made her feel special!

God has been showing us some really cool stuff here not only about our journey together, but some of our next steps.  First off, we are looking at moving into our own place once we can find one suitable to our needs.  We are excited about being able to provide a space for others to visit us and truly engage in the spirit of hospitality. Until we find that place, we will secretly enjoy our Moscow Mules in our room.  Shhh, don’t tell anyone!

Singing Waters has been a fantastic home for us as we continue to grow spiritually. We are both involved in Bible studies and are actively involved in numerous ministries during the church services.  Korina has helped out with worship a couple of times and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I had the chance to teach a few weeks ago about how God called us to give up all we had and move here to the island.  It was awesome to be used by God in such a powerful way.

Thank you for all of your prayers.  We know more of you pray for us each and everyday than we realize and for that we are forever grateful.  The Lord has shown us grace and mercy beyond measure.  We cannot wait for what the future holds for us and wait expectantly for the Lord to reveal that to us.

Please keep the following in your prayers
-That a place for us will be revealed in God’s time and be exactly what we need
-Continued support and favor in both of our jobs
-Direction as we enter into this next season of our lives
-For Korina’s extended family: Her cousin Dennis passed away last week from a stroke he suffered in December.  We thank God he went peacefully and that he gets to see Mom everyday.  

Peace be with you.