Dec 8, 2014


Eleven weeks ago Justin and I arrived to the White House Hostel exhausted from travel but eager to settle into our new home here in Sligo. We walked into the living room full of our fellow DTS students all looking as eager and nervous as we were. All I can remember thinking was, ‘Don’t mess this up, Korina. You’re infamous for terrible first impressions”. Luckily, I didn’t overdose them with sarcasm and obscure movie quotes too much and we seemed to inch our way through conversation one person at a time. 

Now I look back at that time and laugh because of how far we have come with this group. I feel like the Wendy to their Lost Boys (Justin is Rufio by the way) Our hearts are so full of love for these hooligans. Our last week here is bittersweet, especially to say goodbye to the Lebanon outreach team. We leave from Morocco a bit earlier than the rest of the team so we won’t get the same glorious post-outreach reunion. I’ve watched the Lord work in such huge and overwhelming ways in all of their lives, but even more shocking, in my own ;) 

We leave for our outreach on Saturday. To say it is a miracle that we get to go is understatement. Against all odds, God has provided ALL OUR OUTREACH FEES!!!!

That’s right, the God we serve has provided all the funding we needed to pay off our school AND then some. We are overwhelmed at His generosity and faithfulness. He used His faithful people to partner with us in support and make a way for us  to reach the Muslim nation of Morocco. We are humbled and so excited at the same time. 

This is the God we serve, the God who provides. 

Due to security reasons, this will be the last post we link to Facebook until after our outreach. We will, however, still update via email. If you are interested in receiving email updates please let us know and we can add you to our update list. 

We return stateside the 19th of January. After a short visit to Catalina we will make our way back up the mountains to Oakhurst. We are still planning on staffing full time with YWAM Yosemite and we CANNOT wait to engage in ministry locally, especially after this last week of lecture. We had a great speaker, Jon Eastlick, teach on the dreaded “E” word….Evangelism. Hahaha, but seriously, we are so energized and excited about our role in the town of Oakhurst and loving and serving its people. 

Because we are entering into staffing full time once we return, we are asking our friends and family to consider and pray about supporting us monthly more long term. In all honesty, $20 or even $15 a month goes a long way in God’s economy. Your support will help us cover our staffing costs and personal costs to allow us to work on our ministry full time. If we can Skype with you while on outreach or even buy you a coffee once we get home, we would love to share our vision and how you can be a part of it. 

On another note- baby girl is getting faaaaat. She is a mover and a shaker. All signs point to happy healthy baby and momma. Ribs are still a killer but she's worth it. We are entering into week 28 and the THIRD TRIMESTER whatthewhat?! This has been such an amazing journey and I am still so in awe that I get to participate in something so amazing. 

For now I leave you with a plethora of photos from this last week (Shout out to Leah for the rad maternity shots!) …..enjoy!

Dec 1, 2014

Excuse me, did you just say "What is Pie?"?!

Oh Thanksgiving. God bless you.
We had the blessing of helping make dinner for our base and a few of our Irish friends from local churches. It was so awesome to feed such unsuspecting Irish! We even got to explain what pie (yes PIE) was to one of our locals here. We ate our fill and thought of home the whole time. 

A few weeks ago we had the blessing of having Maged "The Egyptian", base director of YWAM Kings Lodge in England come and speak on our DTS. He was such an encouraging man of God and the second of our speakers from that base. After spending some time with Maged we felt God asking us to think about heading to his base for our Thanksgiving weekend. Within a few days the Lord provided the extra finances to fly, sleep, eat and stay at the base for less than $100 round trip for the both of us....what?! 

While in England our previous speaker, Johnny and his family, hosted us and showed us the charming town of Noneaton, not far from Nottingham and Shakespeares Globe Theatre to give you an idea of how majestic it was. We got to visit their amazing base and see how YWAM runs with a base that large. It was a refreshing weekend and we were so encouraged and filled by our friends. We were able to gain some more perspective on God's vision for us within YWAM long term and had our hope  stirred for just how many possiblities there are for leadership and growth within this organization. 

We have two weeks left before we fly out for Morocco. TWO WEEKS!

Excuse me while I go crap my pants. 

Don't get me wrong, we are so excited to minister in such an amazing place, but this time has flown by! While in Morocco we will be spending a lot of time with university students, and possibly some young mothers. Mostly we will be developing relationships and spending time in discipleship with an eager and broken Muslim nation. Our contact home will be limited to email and mostly pictures but we will do our best to express the work God is doing with his beloved Morocco. If you do not currently subcribe to our updates via email and would like to be added to our list please contact me via facebook before we leave as our blog and facebook will not be active during that time. 

We still need to raise about $2000 to cover our outreach, but we know our God will provide through His people. We are also looking forward to and praying about our ministry after outreach once we head home. We still feel led to staff with YWAM Yosemite and have a deep peace about God using us in the community of Oakhurst, at least for now. We will make ourselves available to any of you who would like to Skype or Facetime us regarding questions you may have about our future in missions, or even just to pray for you. If you want to be a part of the work God is doing visit our support site here. Tax deductible donations can be made before the end of the tax year to Singing Waters Christian Center with a note attached stating our names. Checks can be sent to 
Singing Waters Christian Center 
PO Box 1544
Avalon, CA 90704

For now, we will listen to Christmas music and dream of our families and friends decorating their trees and houses for the season. Somehow Morocco isn't the first place I think of when I think of Christmas. I knew this would be a part of our DTS, missing home for the holidays, but I couldn't aniticipate just how hard. If I really think about it though, I'm sharing the love of my Jesus, what He came to earth to do, and why we celebrate Christmas and His birth in the first place. That to me, makes it not only worth it, but makes it the whole point. 

To those of you who faithfully read, support and pray, thank you. You're as much a part of this as we are. May God bless you and exceed all expectations this week. 

-Team B