Feb 14, 2012

Happy Lovin' Day

My mom adored the wedding singer
So much in fact she once told me that Robbie Hart (Adam Sandler's character) 
reminded her of two people:
My brother Rick
And my hubs (Who, by the way, is still so out of my league)

This is for those of you who love Valentines Day

And for those of you who don't love it so much:

Enjoy the day either way!

Feb 10, 2012

It's totally still February...right?

Well you wouldn't know it looking around here
It rains all night and into early morning
but by 9 a.m. this happens

Naturally, a grilled chicken salad seems in order to end the day. 

And all that in our our own front yard
I would say "backyard" but trust me....
no one wants to go there. 

Feb 1, 2012

Can't Quit

You guys don't even know
I have a serious addiction to changing my hair...
Ugh, I get bored and I get hair envy

How could I not with images like this...

But I have recruited the help of my husband and made a vow (Jan. 1st) not to cut or color my hair (bangs included) for a whole year

The goal is to get my dyed hair grown out enough to cut it all off and be as natural as ever

The last time my hair was its natural shade was at our wedding

 and before that...8th grade maybe?

I have colored my hair every shade under the sun except black

I'm embracing the funky ashy dark blond-ish color God gave me
So hold me accountable! Also, sorry about the awkward hair you will have to see until then :S