Feb 1, 2012

Can't Quit

You guys don't even know
I have a serious addiction to changing my hair...
Ugh, I get bored and I get hair envy

How could I not with images like this...

But I have recruited the help of my husband and made a vow (Jan. 1st) not to cut or color my hair (bangs included) for a whole year

The goal is to get my dyed hair grown out enough to cut it all off and be as natural as ever

The last time my hair was its natural shade was at our wedding

 and before that...8th grade maybe?

I have colored my hair every shade under the sun except black

I'm embracing the funky ashy dark blond-ish color God gave me
So hold me accountable! Also, sorry about the awkward hair you will have to see until then :S


  1. I went though this same process only to find that I had begun to go gray beneath the dye. I was…25 maybe? Life is fun.

  2. I knew that about you. Your momma would approve, both ways, of course. Have fun.

  3. bahaha of course Melanie, of course! Let's hope I have some time to spare before then, otherwise -here's to lookin' 60!

  4. I dyed mine my natural shade and let it grow out the whole time i was preggers. it was so healthy it was crazy

  5. that is quiet a commitment!
    you will be BEAUTIFUL with multicolored hair, and will likely begin a trend.