Dec 5, 2011

All Kinds of Cozy

Yesterday was a dream

We headed up to cut down our own tree at Pochini Family Farm with Jenna and Adam

We got bundled up and cozy and watched our guys chop down Ferdie and Fergie (it's a long story)

They were pretty tough lookin'

Until Justin decided he wanted to do "Christmas tree yoga" (standing tree morning glory)

Later we went to dinner at Market in downtown St. Helena
It was heaven
Then Justin and I headed home for some devine chocolate cream pie he made entirely from scratch earlier that day

We cozied up and decorated our all too adorable tree and living room until I nearly passed out from excitement

Our little Moho had it's halls decked 

I wish yesterday was everyday....


  1. Your living room is magical! I love it!!

  2. Awww I love it!!! your mojo looks adorable and so cozy!!! miss and love you guys:)

  3. Thanks ladies, I wish you both could be here :)

  4. I like Justin's tree yoga...very macho ;)