Jan 26, 2012

Big Trouble...In Little China

A while back Justin and I took our day off to meander on over to China Town in the city (San Fran)
We did not do this because it was anywhere near the Chinese New Year
Or because we live a reasonable distance from there.
We went because we love the ridiculousness that is the movie Big Trouble In Little China
Please, do not see this movie unless you watch it with someone who has seen it, 
or you are so tired anything is funny
or are inebriated in one form or another

also Justin needed a wok.

We ate at a place called...
You guessed it

We are adventurous, we know.


We went window shopping all over
(did score some new soup spoons * the tiny ladle looking ones!! *, and new chop sticks-obviously)

(this made Justin laugh so hard, I don't really know why)

(this one belongs on Engrish.com)

We also searched desperately for Kurt Russell 
so that we could tell him our destiny was in his very capable hands.

All we found was this guy...

(just kidding...sorta)

We looked for a wok for Justin and found an amazing place called
you guessed it

And we finished off the evening on top of the Macy's building
 eating free Cheesecake and cider at the Cheesecake Factory
(yay for gift cards!)

 The Chinese New Year is coming up (the year of the dragon)
I guess the place is hoppin', but I think we may just cook something delicious at home 
and snuggle up to a movie...
THIS movie that is!

*please feel free to share your awkward thought's about our adventure and awful taste in movies, but any comments about the fact that I look like Miss Lippy from Billy Madison will not be tolerated. pleaseandthankyou


  1. I love you & your taste for outrageously horrible movies! I also love that I am partly to blame for this one. Miss you so much & hope I get to party with you sometime soon!

  2. :D Love you too sista! I miss our hilarity together.... I miss being hilarious with you!! Come visit now k? Love you!

  3. um.... that sign is hilarious. how is glass and will suddenly a compound word? PS i miss chinglish

  4. what a fun day you had together. the wok shop, original. :-)

    everyday in san fran should end at the cheescake factory in union square.