Jan 23, 2012

We're BAAAAaaack!

We're sorry everyone :( For you, not for us...
You see, all this time of not blogging Justin and I are figuring our stuff out
To be honest, none of that stuff is very fun to read about
and just forget about pictures
But, now that our life is back to organized and we have a better idea of what we are doing

Most people have not seen our place so here is the MoHo in all it's glory :D Enjoy the place we call home for now. There is only so much you can do to make this 1972 single wide feel cozy, but here she is!

 (Yes that does say "Geckos of Sophistication")   

 There she is! Yes, it was raining and nighttime so no pics of the dirt yard Hope you enjoyed the short tour! I accept tips.

NOW COME HANG OUT WITH US! We are clearly the sh*t...


  1. your house is so cute! and thanks for taking care of ours : )

  2. If I come visit where do I sleep? Should I bring my own sheets?

  3. Thanks Lilly! And hey anonymous, not if you're a creeper and stay anonymous you can't stay here, sorry. But if you are Dana...we have a queen air mattress and you have our sheets so bring em :)

  4. I think it's adorable and obviously well cared for by it's inhabitants. Good job you too, making a single wide look this good takes more than just talent and hard work. Love, Tia

  5. You rule Tia :D And so do your computer skills haha

  6. Holy wow! I have that same bird/tree decal in my room! You ma'am have good taste! ;) -Kaitlyn