Apr 2, 2012


Well first things first...we didn't die
But we have been very busy
I (Korina) no longer am a nanny for those beautiful Hanson babies
I got a job temporarily at a wee shop here in St. Helena to save some money for our big move.
Yup, we're moving to the Rohnert Park area
Justin still hasn't landed a job, but we have big prayers going out everyday. 
I am also looking for work, but hopeful. 

We have found that with inconsistent life comes inconsistent blog post as well, and for this- please forgive us!?

We are looking forward to documenting things more regularly with our new place and Justin graduating soon, and well, just living closer to civilization. 

For now, I leave you with the stuff we are loving (and hating)

(From here)
Mad Men Season 5! I am, by far, more excited than Justin

From here

This ridiculously comfy top from Forever 21, green is much darker in person

From here

Yeah, this is a love for my husband, but a hate for me
It's not that I don't love watching video games (I really love it) it's just this game is quite possibly the most boring thing in the world to watch. But J sure loves it.

From here

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter on CD (because college ruined reading for my husband)

From here
Stupid Carl! It's always all his fault. It's probably his fault that I have to wait FOREVER for the next season of The Walking Dead...

Until later -Team B

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