Dec 29, 2013


In an effort to not take where we live for granted, Justin and I have been making an effort to walk to the beach every day. If we make a habit of it now maybe later we won't forget to thank the Lord for it every day. We are so overwhelmed to be living here and experiencing such beauty around us.

We celebrated four lovely years together on the 20th. We spent the afternoon reading on the beach, reflecting on all we have done together in our four years married, went to dinner (many thanks to Santa for our gift card!) and laughed a lot.

Christmas was a blessing as three of my five sisters were here and my brother Rick came to visit. It was nice to have a bit of home here during the Holidays. We opened gifts, played games, and ate and then ate again.....and again. And then this happened...

#bowsfordays #beforeandafter

We have been filling our days investing in the lives of those here and being surrounded by people cheering us on in our journey. The last few weeks we have been discovering where we will best be used here. Justin has been tackling the building with Enrique and I have been helping with some administrative work.

On our downtime we have been going on hikes, kayaking, going on semi-submersible tours, dolphin quest tours, playing board games, walking a lot. Really, mostly spending time surrounding ourselves with the people here.

It's hard to believe it's December when everything is turning so green.

We are learning a lot of what goes into living with a family dedicated to service. Sometimes it's hard not to miss living life for myself, doing what I want when I want. We all are learning to take time to ourselves to recharge so we serve better as well. Our time here is going by quickly and our days are filled before we even know what to expect. It is exhausting, and hard work and so so fulfilling all at once. 

We miss our friends and family a lot. It was hard not to be with them for Christmas. Hopefully soon we will get to make a trip up to the mountains to get our fill. 

For now, we are soaking up all the Lord has blessed us with. We have some exciting opportunities coming up that will fill in our schedules even more. If you guys can, pray for us that we will bless those we work to serve.

 Some other prayer requests and praise reports

*God blessed us with work opportunities in the making (more info soon)
*We have been engaging well into the community
*That we would be flexible with God's plan
*For discernment about missions and where we are heading 

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