Apr 23, 2014


 A group of my friends decided that "BAM!...wwooaaaahhh" should be our church slogan.
God shows up in powerful ways and then leaves us in awe every.single.time
The way we have been experiencing God has left me feeling overwhelmed and simultaneously excited. I now expect God to show up. I expect Him to work in powerful ways regarding healing, and prayer and worship.

But one of the areas I so often don't trust God- money.

 (basically my face when God asks me to let go of "my" money)

I claim a great and powerful God who can make mountains move and raise the dead to life....but there is no way He would provide enough money for us to make it.
I don't give God enough credit to take care of my most basic needs but I do trust Him to speak to me and direct me. I have taken ownership of my finances as though I am entitled to them in the first place. Is the God who is God of your children, God of the earth, God of miracles and God of works, also the God of your finances?
Ugh...this one hurts to the bone.
"You can have it all Jesus...except my paycheck"

In the trusting of what seem to be impossible financial hurdles I am choosing to trust that God is big enough to provide for me in the ways I need it. My one prayer is that I would be a good steward of what He has given. Break my heart Father, and make it new.
Prayerfully choosing to go into full time missions through YWAM has been the biggest challenge to trusting God in this way. It was back in 2007 for my first DTS and it is now.  You basically ask God to provide financially in every aspect- including your "paycheck". Relinquishing control of this is ...hard to say the least.

Life on the island is getting busier as the summer season approaches. We soon qualify for our commuter books which will save us hundreds in travel over to the mainland (chipotle here we come!)
My family came to visit for Easter which was SO FUN -obviously

 We are blessed to be sharing in life with the Dominguez family and our church family at Singing Waters. I am working on two things- my fear of man's opinion of me and my financial expectation of God. Justin is working on being trained up as a teacher and being bold in his calling. We are looking out at a landscape full of potential roads in different directions and asking God to direct us along the way. We have many choices and each one is God-filled.

Our hearts are being softened to people as we have prayed for more compassion and discernment about the hearts of those around us. We long to ease the burdens of those in longing by praying with them and for them and, hopefully, being a little bit of Jesus to them in their day.

Anything could happen in God's economy.

Let's say 'yes' to the not knowing, the uncertainty, the willingness to let God move in our lives. Let's relinquish control, and say 'no' to fear. Let's have fun.

And before you know it- you'll find yourself saying "God works like this 'Bam! Whoa!'"

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