Jun 6, 2014

A Generous God (plus a little something about you needing to get a free catalina vacation)

"I love you soooo much I'm going to provide enough funds for you to not only pay off your personal debts before you leave for your DTS, I'm also going to place someone in your life who will pay for your flights....but I'm not done yet."

Sligo, Ireland (photo natgeo.com)

THAT my friends is the kind of God we serve! With all assurance and expectation our God is paving the way for us to embark on this exciting new journey. We are experiencing Him in every thread of this amazingly complicated and intricate life. 

Your prayers for us are heard and felt and appreciated! Thank you to every one of you who has supported us thus far in one way or another. The gifts we have been given have been overwhelming and so confirming at the same time. 

As of now we are on track to leave for Ireland in September. We have found out that our outreach location could be either Morocco or Lebanon, both largely Muslim cultures, both steeped in rich history and lively people, both desperately needing to know about the God that pursues them daily and wants to know them intimately. 

Lebanon ruins (photo natgeo.com)

We have been blessed with the plane tickets to get there and we are inching our way to our financial goal. We still need to raise enough funds to cover the rest of our tuition costs but we are remaining faithful in how big our God can be. 

Morocco (photo travel.natgeo.com)
Right now we are looking at leaving the island on the 2nd of September and spending a few weeks in Oakhurst before our departure to work out storing our things and tying a few loose ends. Next month, on a date to be determined, we are going to have a fundraiser dinner and silent auction to go towards YWAM.

Otherwise, things are going pretty well here in Avalon. We are working a lot and serving a lot here at Singing Waters. We are seeing God do a lot of breakthrough in this community. In our time in prayer we have seen people healed, watched people find their spiritual gifts, heard God speak in powerful ways, and gained vision for more long term ministry. 

Plus it was Angie's birthday and we had a "Your Team" party for her. Which subsequently involved all of her celebrity crushes making up "her team" and her getting her own throne for the night and top hat with all of her "team mates" and then this happened...

We are looking forward to the summer season and having more friends and family visit before we leave the country for a little while. Which reminds me....


All you need to do is get here! Free accommodations on Catalina Island?! Get over here!

But really, come visit us while you can because this opportunity comes once in a lifetime- not to mention we can get you on countless tours for free, we can save on food by eating at our house, all you have to worry about is your boat ticket ;) just sayin'

Alllllrighty folks, till next time, 

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