Jun 10, 2014

Leaving on a jet plane!

We bought our plane tickets yesterday. I woke up, looked at my husband who was already on the ipad looking up any last minute deals he could find, and then, just like that, we bought them. A few weeks ago we had close friends offer to purchase our tickets as their way of getting involved in the movement Justin and I have committed to. It was humbling and overwhelming to say the least.
(photo from Korina's first DTS 2007)
Ready or not, we are going. Praise God! We also have had more friends and family voice their commitment to prayer and financial support in just the last few days alone. It's looking as though God's favor really is on us in this new season. In all reality, once our paychecks pay off the last few bits of personal debts, our committed supporters and our savings will get us there! Seeing our flight confirmation has really made it so much more of a reality.

We still need to raise enough in financial support to cover the rest of our tuition and travel costs to our outreach locations, about $6,600. If you would like to be involved in any way our church here at Singing Waters has offered to be our median so that checks made out to them can go to us for tax deductible donations. I'll touch more on that later. 

We can continue to raise support while we are there as well, but would love to be able to commit as much time as possible to the ministry and not as much focusing on support raising. Either way, this continues to be a faith growing and God-perception shattering experience. We hope, that those of you who read this are also encouraged to see just how powerfully God can move as well.

We are currently praying that God would prepare our hearts for all of the things we will encounter while on our DTS. We are praying for flexibility, for safety, for peace, that we would be impactful, and be impacted. We are praying that God would go before us and provide ample opportunities for us to serve people and be infectiously genuine.

Please join us in these prayers specifically as we prepare. If you do feel a leading to partner with us financially, donations can be made via check to:
Singing Waters Christian Center
PO Box 1544
Avalon, CA 90704
(on memo line write "Justin Barigian YWAM")

Also, you can visit our fundraising page here!

We love you all and pray for you often. If there are things we can pray specifically for please comment below or shoot us a private message. Love and blessings from Catalina!
-Justin and Korina

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