Jul 30, 2014


I am realizing more every day how much I am OVER this summer season. Mainly because being near the beach means your clothes magically disappear into thin air. They are burned or confiscated, or stolen, apparently, because why else would you walk into a store, or post office, or restaurant in 15 square inches of semitransparent clothing? It MUST be because you have nothing to wear over it, and your money has been stolen so you can't buy new clothes. Oh wait, you definitely have money, because you just pulled a wad of $100 bills out of your size two bikini on your size twenty frame to buy your fifteen dollar beer.

God give me grace.

To distract myself from the borderline nudists that swarm front street, I am daydreaming often of the country we will soon be moving to where boots and scarves and "jumpers" abound. Where modesty is appreciated and necessary to ones survival of all things damp.

35 days! We have 35 days until we wave goodbye to our friends and family here in Avalon. Only 50 days until we fly to Dublin!

We got some GREAT news this week regarding our DTS. They have dropped our tuition again by another $2,000! Holy smokes!!!

As things sit today, we are looking at needing to raise only $5,000.  This counts the anticipated funds we have already raised plus income from our current jobs.  We are looking at two different fundraising opportunities available to us.  Since Justin knows how to handle himself in the kitchen, we are trying to plan a benefit dinner here on the island, as well as one in Oakhurst before we head out.

Please consider partnering with us in this new adventure by supporting us through prayer, and if God leads you, financially. You can visit our support raising site here. Please read our story and the different ways available to you regarding donations.

Justin's birthday was just last week and it was a great week of parties, food and just overall fun.  On Tuesday, we had all of our island friends over at the Canby's and we celebrated his 27th with smoked pulled pork sandwiches, homemade BBQ sauce, on homemade Hawaiian sweet rolls, homemade coleslaw, potato salad and lots of yummy appetizers. Justin celebrated his day eating good food with the people he loves.

A little earlier this week we got an out of season thunder and lighting storm and RAIN! It was glorious and hilarious as we watched tourists, scantily clad,  rush to get their things under cover.  The brief storm also gave us a renewed sense of hope in the power of prayer and our outcry during worship.

All in all, God is still doing really awesome things here in Avalon and we are blessed to be a part of His work while we are here...even if we have endure indecent exposure ;)

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