Jul 11, 2014


God is so good!  We have been so blessed these last few weeks in so many different ways.  It is so easy to see how much the Lord loves us and how His hand guides us throughout the day. 
 Just last Sunday, Singing Waters held a healing service that was open to the community and there was a huge turnout.  God moved in amazing ways and people were healed physically and spiritually.  It was a fantastic experience to be apart of the team that helped usher in the presence of God and an even more memorable experience to be used by our Father to heal individuals in His name. 
We really wanted this post to be an expression of how grateful we are for each and every one of our readers and supporters.  We have been floored by the generosity of everyone who has donated not only financially, but time and prayer on our behalf.  Because of our supporters, we have been able to use our income from work to reconcile our debts before we leave for DTS.  If you have been following us, you know that this has been on our hearts for a few months now.  By focusing our income on these debts, we now can attend our DTS free of obligations elsewhere.  The only other loans that we have are school and a car loan.  Thank you for praying with us and continuing to donate to our DTS. Your prayers have helped give us vision and discernment regarding the many decisions we have in front of us. Your generosity is so humbling and so overwhelming. It continues to be a confirmation of the direction God is taking us.
We have been really learning so much about the way God works and how He fulfills promises, changes hearts and draws us nearer.
We have 68 days until we leave for Dublin and just 53 days till we leave the island! It’s coming so quickly!
For the time being we have been visiting with family, celebrating the 4th, working, falling in love with each other every day, taking pictures, making lifelong friends, and taking the occasional flying fish tour with our friend Captain Mike.
Tonight we write with gratitude and a heart full of anticipation in the things God can do. With all the love and virtual hugs one can give –Team B

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